Sunday, 6 November 2011

SMUG Pop Up Print Shop

I should probably warn you this post is image heavy. Heavy.

At SMUG we've recently launched a Pop Up Print Shop. The upper floor is jam-packed with old school desks and tables to showcase an array of illustrative prints, enabling you to rifle through like a record shop. The prints range from £6-£85 and include exclusives, screen prints, letter pressed work and giclee prints to name but a few. It's a project we've been working on for quite some time at Smug, and the amount of work Lizzie (Smug's owner and owl lover) has put in to make it all happen has been phenomenal. It's been a fantastic thing/entity/project (?!) to be a part of, it's been really exciting meeting with illustrators, discussing their work and developing ideas for exclusives with them. It has also made me increasingly envious of people with drawing skills.

So without further ado, I present to you - the Pop Up Print Shop.

There's so much variety, it's unreal, but these are a few of my favorites...

Harriet Gray - Heidi Bear (Never have I seen a prouder bear - to say I need him for my wall is an understatement)
Holly Exley - PugPug (he's such a cute fatty!)
Isobel Kho - Pug
James Brown - Viking
Linus Kraemer - Cylinders
Stacie Swift - Owl Triangle (SMUG Exclusive)
Me & Sahar - House On Stilts (A few years ago I went to Svalbard and this just brings back some incredible memories)

The Pop Up Print Shop runs until the end of January, includes a range of exclusives and as if you needed any further enticement, when you purchase three prints you get a free (yes FREE) Smug tote bag.
The design on the back is nearly as exciting as the Guinea Pig.

If you get the opportunity, the show really is worth coming and having a look - plus you'll probably make my day if you say hi!

(In other news, I just watched E.T and feel emotionally ruined. It truly is wonderful.)


  1. This all looks so amazing. Very talented bunch here.

  2. Aah thanks for featuring my work you lovely lady!
    I can finally come and see the shop on Saturday! x

  3. Looks brilliant. Wish I could make it along but thanks for posting so many photos. Have spotted a few new artists that I'm to check out now. Cheers. xx

  4. Wow this looks amazing!! So much talent.

    As for ET yes, too incredible! Everyone should watch that in their lifetime.

  5. Awww that pug!! Haha.

    Some of these illustrations are beautiful x

  6. :o thank you so much for including me in your favourites :D chuffed as pie! i'm visiting SMUG this friday! can. not. wait. x


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