Thursday, 25 November 2010

Come on skinny love just last the year

I apologise that's it's been all quiet on the western front as of late. Things have been non stop since I returned from Paris and I have so much I want to blog about, but don't have the time! I'm hoping the beginning of next week will be quieter - not only to catch you up, but to restock the website! My little shop is looking so sad and empty - not a good look for Christmas! Please don't hesitate to contact me if there is something out of stock that you desire, I'll put it to the top of my 'need to desperately restock' list.

Anyway, I thought I'd just do a quick little post to show you a few more of Wallpaper Rose's recent blog features. I've been meaning to say a massive thank you to everyone, I've had such lovely responses from blogs, emails and twitter recently, it's a little over whelming. I'm never sure with small shops like Wallpaper Rose if it's realised that frequently it is just a one person operation. I can't speak for other people, but for me it really does means a lot to know that what I make is appreciated.

So thank you!

Anyway, an even bigger thank you to the ladies above for their lovely posts!

Lyzi from Being Little
Kim from Sweet Monday
Milly from Pearls and Poodles
Shibani from Sweet Silhouette

(Again, there are many discount codes running around, most valid until 14th December. So do check out the features!!)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

You say the most beautiful things

Just a quick little post to show you a few more Wallpaper Rose features! A massive thank you to these beautiful ladies rocking their outfits with WRJ.

If you haven't seen their blogs before make sure you take a look. With thanks to

Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary
Jen from A Little Bird Told Me
Victoria from VIPXO
Gem from Gem Fatale
Sophie from Crown and Glory
SJ from Cowbiscuits

(There are also quite a few discount codes running around on various blogs at the moment, or will be in the next week or so, so do take a look!)
.... This turned into a much larger post than I had anticipated - I need to start packing!!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Little Fille lauches in Topshop

Little Fille is launching in Topshop!!!

This is massively exciting!

(I do apologise for the tiny picture, but the information reads:)

"Little Fille is delighted to invite you to our first ever pop-up shop at Topshop Oxford Circus on 19th November 2010. We'd be thrilled if you's join us, but if you can't make it to London, not to worry. Place your order online at"

Sadly I can't make it on the opening, however Little Fille are in Topshop until the 16th January so I will definitely be making the trip to check out these beautiful head pieces in person!

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, to celebrate the launch, Mari of Little Fille is giving away a headband of your choice - one on her blog, the other on twitter! Just visit her blog to see what to do!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

No one else will have me, only you

It's only really just occurred to me how envious I am of everyone going to the Jimmy Eat World tour. I was offered tickets, but living in the outsticks and having little money made it a no go. So anyone who's lucky enough to see them tonight in Bristol have an amazing time! And maybe request a song for me?! Perhaps ...

- No Sensitivity
- For me this is Heaven
- 23
- Work
- The most beautiful things
- Blister
- 10
- Over
- Pain

                                                                ...... I could keep going?? Have a wonderful time x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

All children, except one, grow up.

I've jumped on my own Peter Pan band wagon (did I mention I'm reading the book? I did start reading it before I got a little obsessed with his fashion counterpart) and have hand embellished some tees. The Jen Over-sized Peter Pan Collar tees have white lace collars and turned up sleeves. They're currently available in grey and navy, black will be back in stock soon. A marl denim blue and the burgundy shade I'm wearing will soon be available too. If you would like a specific colour/size combination that isn't available online please don't hesitate to contact me! The style is designed to be oversized, so looks great tucked into high-waisted skirts/jeans/shorts or even pulled in with a belt.

This is a new venture for me, so I hope you like them. (I guess if people don't, I just have quite few new t-shirts....) x

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning - Pick of the Peter Pan's.

1. Pins + Needles Gathered Panel Frock - Urban Outfitters £58 (No longer online but might be in store!)
2. Pearl Lowe Lace Collar Dress - Peacocks - £35 (No longer online, however can be sought for a ridiculous price on ebay!)
3. Darling Peter Pan Collar Blouse - ASOS - £45
4. Flowery Dress with Crochet Neckline - Zara - £22.99
5. Camel Corneli Coat - Miss Selfridge - £80
6. Kimchi & Blue Pleat Bodice House Dress - Urban Outfitters - £52
7. Peterpan Collar Jersey Dress - ASOS - £24
8. Tiered Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Topshop - £32
9. Stripe Collar Dress - MaxC London - £25
10. Crochet Trim Blouse - ASOS - £32
11. Lace Peter Pan Collar Blouse - ASOS - £28
12. Darling Embellished Peter Pan Collar Cardigan - ASOS - £55
13. Zara Dress - No longer available online
14. Long Sleeved Peter Pan Tunic - Topshop - £28

Firstly I'm going to go ahead an apologise for this huge white space. Essentially I buggered up formatting I suppose... it was the only way I could fit the image in width ways without loosing part of it. My bad.


My love of the Peter Pan Collar is no secret, so I thought I would share with you a few of favouite pieces currently available on the high street.  I've previously blogged about a few of the dresses, so I won't go into too much detail! I've been after a vintage-feel cream/white blouse for quite some time to wear with jeans and having spent a little time on ASOS have finally found my ideal! I absolutely love the Darling Peter Pan Collar blouse and if I had £45 to spend on a shirt, I would purchase it immediately! I really wanted something like this for my trip to Paris this week (excited!!) but alas my bank account is saying no.

I felt the Zara dress (next to the blouse) and I were meant to be, it looked absolutely perfect. However when I went to try it on, they only had a medium and a large. This is rarely a problem for me, but it was just too big for me around my ribs. I know I could use a belt to pull it in (which I would have done) however, this sizing issue shattered my illusion of it's perfection. (I did however find another similar style dress but without the collar and the medium fitted perfectly - I really had to fight with myself mentally not to buy it and then sew on my own collar... yes, I'm still considering it.)

I discovered the ASOS black Peter Pan Collar dress on the lovely Milkteef's (Emma's) blog and now I've become a little desperate to own it. I always manage to become fixated with lots of clothing when I literally have no money. It's a really bad self torturous habit.

I'd love to know if you've found any other great peter pan collar pieces. x
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