Saturday, 13 November 2010

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning - Pick of the Peter Pan's.

1. Pins + Needles Gathered Panel Frock - Urban Outfitters £58 (No longer online but might be in store!)
2. Pearl Lowe Lace Collar Dress - Peacocks - £35 (No longer online, however can be sought for a ridiculous price on ebay!)
3. Darling Peter Pan Collar Blouse - ASOS - £45
4. Flowery Dress with Crochet Neckline - Zara - £22.99
5. Camel Corneli Coat - Miss Selfridge - £80
6. Kimchi & Blue Pleat Bodice House Dress - Urban Outfitters - £52
7. Peterpan Collar Jersey Dress - ASOS - £24
8. Tiered Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Topshop - £32
9. Stripe Collar Dress - MaxC London - £25
10. Crochet Trim Blouse - ASOS - £32
11. Lace Peter Pan Collar Blouse - ASOS - £28
12. Darling Embellished Peter Pan Collar Cardigan - ASOS - £55
13. Zara Dress - No longer available online
14. Long Sleeved Peter Pan Tunic - Topshop - £28

Firstly I'm going to go ahead an apologise for this huge white space. Essentially I buggered up formatting I suppose... it was the only way I could fit the image in width ways without loosing part of it. My bad.


My love of the Peter Pan Collar is no secret, so I thought I would share with you a few of favouite pieces currently available on the high street.  I've previously blogged about a few of the dresses, so I won't go into too much detail! I've been after a vintage-feel cream/white blouse for quite some time to wear with jeans and having spent a little time on ASOS have finally found my ideal! I absolutely love the Darling Peter Pan Collar blouse and if I had £45 to spend on a shirt, I would purchase it immediately! I really wanted something like this for my trip to Paris this week (excited!!) but alas my bank account is saying no.

I felt the Zara dress (next to the blouse) and I were meant to be, it looked absolutely perfect. However when I went to try it on, they only had a medium and a large. This is rarely a problem for me, but it was just too big for me around my ribs. I know I could use a belt to pull it in (which I would have done) however, this sizing issue shattered my illusion of it's perfection. (I did however find another similar style dress but without the collar and the medium fitted perfectly - I really had to fight with myself mentally not to buy it and then sew on my own collar... yes, I'm still considering it.)

I discovered the ASOS black Peter Pan Collar dress on the lovely Milkteef's (Emma's) blog and now I've become a little desperate to own it. I always manage to become fixated with lots of clothing when I literally have no money. It's a really bad self torturous habit.

I'd love to know if you've found any other great peter pan collar pieces. x


  1. 3rd and 4th on the top are my favourites! I've wanted the Zara dress for ages but maybe in the yellow colour instead! x

  2. Ahh I love the yellow/green version too, they're just so pretty! As is the blouse... I can only hope both will suddenly decide to have sales! (Though, actually the Zara dress is really reasonable priced!) x


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