Saturday, 23 March 2013

Passion For Fashion

When perusing the lovely What Olivia Did blog (one of my favourites) I came across the Passion For Fashion Competition, for which Olivia is actually judging. The Money Supermarket competition requires you to create an outfit for the following categories, Casual, Party and Holiday, each costing less than £200. A true sucker for pinterest and beautiful things I can't afford, I considered the gauntlet well and truly thrown and lost the next couple of hours of my life to fantasy shopping and photoshop.
Jumper: £68.50 Top: £15 Jeans: £40 Mary Janes: £30 Necklace: £35 Lipstick: £8 = £196.50

Step In To My Office, Baby

Nothing says casual to me like a pair of skinny jeans, stripes and a good knit. Teamed with these oh so lovely Mary Janes, a coral lipstick and an elegant statement necklace and you've pretty much got my dream outfit! I do sadly seem to lean heavily towards being comfortable in my old age, but the shapes and textures (boxy tee, geometric shoes, knitted necklace) in this outfit just give it that edge that push it away from dull. Plus the YMC blush sweater is swoon worthy!

Dress: £95 Boots: £60 Necklace: £45 = £200

Beauty and The Buckle

I am simply smitten with this dress.
The lace detailing is lovely and in a way, is quite unusual in comparison to the majority of lace dresses prevalent on the high street. The low back is elegant and the length is just perfect. For a party look, the lace would be nicely contrasted with more masculine biker buckle boots and this delicate white porcelain bird necklace. Hello monochrome, my old friend.

Cardigan: £98.50 Shorts: £25 Vest: £6 Bikini: £32 Sandals: £24 Blush: £10 = £195.50

Cold Harbour Road

Holiday. Beach. Cornwall. 
That's where my mind went and that's why I've featured knitwear in my holiday look! If you've ever been to Cornwall you'll know you spend one or six days of your holiday sheltered in a quaint, sea front cafe eating scones and drinking hot chocolate hiding from the rain or recovering from a slightly unwise dip in the sea. And for that, I want this outfit. The perfect 1950's pinup bikini for when the sun does put in an appearance, a simple vest and cut offs for romping across the rock pools and a pretty, not to mention warm, cardigan and elegant leather sandals that allow for a practical day of fun to be maintained without wanting to run back to your bed and huddle from the cold! 

Unfortunately I think the only thing this activity has actually achieved is my desperate need for £600 (I'll take the lot!) and a much needed holiday to Cornwall. Who's with me?!

If you've also entered the Passion For Fashion competition, please leave me the link - I'd love to see other's takes on the categories.

Sunday, 17 March 2013


These are the first few pieces from my new collection, Meteorite!
They feature rose quartz and aquamarine gemstones on sterling silver chains. Available in two lengths - 18 inches and 30 inches. I love wearing them with collars and knits, which I currently seem to live in due to the chilly weather. I've spent the majority of the wet weekend inside, though I did take a little excursion yesterday to Hampstead, daydreaming about owning one of the incredible house there - that place is even pretty in the rain! I can't believe it's Monday tomorrow and back to work - I don't know where the time goes.

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