Thursday, 24 June 2010

Match Point

Ahhh, you knew it was coming! The Wimbledon necklace is here. Trust me, if I could have found tiny strawberries and small cucumber sandwiches- I would have! But I had to resort to representation, a strawberry and tennis ball, in the colours of strawberries and cream... Anyway, I hope you like it, I'll attach a link when it hits the website... Kirsten.

Shamefully, I know next to nothing about tennis- other than I was awful at it at school, but truthfully I know little about any sport (Unless it's Guyball).... I'm not prejudice in my ignorance. However I do get strangely drawn into the finals... an attraction that will never be there for football. However this time of year does remind me how much I like to watch Paul Bettany running around in tennis shorts and eating cucumber on bagels...

Hope everyone is well.
Music of Today- Frank Turner.

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