Friday, 22 October 2010

Rosy faced

I've been a little slow getting this together, but a little while back my boyfriends wonderful sister, Tiff went through my CV (she works in HR) to make it more appealing and hopefully make me more employable. I've never been all that good at selling myself, so I really appreciate the time she's put into making it look good. So as a little present I've made her a customised version of Olive and combined it with Crown and Glory's Pocket Full Of Posies bobby pin set  - she absolutely loves pink, so I really hope she likes it! (Tiff and her husband also have a pet rabbit - Peanut - he's adorable, which is why I felt the necklace was appropriate.) I'm posting it tomorrow, so I guess I'll find out if it goes down well.

I had planned on photographing the hair slides myself, however I couldn't bring myself to undo C&G's wonderful packaging! As you may or may not know I'm a sucker for packaging, hence why I've photographed it for you. I'm also starting to think maybe I need to step up my own packaging for Wallpaper Rose. I love that Crown and Glory really has it's own visual identity as a brand, I think I perhaps need to work on my own!

I'll hopefully have few new pieces to show you this weekend, but I hope everyone has a lovely one, what are your plans? 

This evening has just disappeared, I don't think I've done anything useful! x

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  1. Cutest necklace ever. Emailing you tonight about charms and with photos (DELAYED reaction, I know!)


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