Sunday, 31 July 2011


As per usual the last few weeks have been hectic busy, so busy in fact, I missed Wallpaper Rose's Birthday! I know, awful. Wallpaper Rose is now a troublesome toddler at the grand old age of two. Quite frankly I can't believe how fast the last two years have flown by, I still remember my first order and I don't get any less excited by it now! 

Befitting to our age, we intend to continue making a wild rupus, with new and exciting products and a website revamp which will hopefully start occurring in the next few week. (Now that we're two, we definitely don't want to be seen wearing the same clothes that a one year old Wallpaper Rose wore)

Anyway, seeing as we missed having a tea party in the garden, with jelly and games, to celebrate out Two-ness I'm having another giveaway for you. There are three prizes up for grabs:
GREEN Prize provided by:
CORAL Prize provided by:
WHITE Prize provided by:

To be in with a chance of winning one of these lovely prizes, you need to:

- 'Like' MaxCLondon's facebook page and then leave a comment on their wall with your favourite bag on their website and why (excluding the Pippa bag in the giveaway. Also mention that you're from the Wallpaper Rose giveaway!)
 - Follow these blogs: Little Fille, Night Owl, Crown and Glory and Wallpaper Rose
 - Then comment below with contact details and your preferred prize - Green, Coral or White. 

The competition closes on the 7th August at 12pm. 
Winner will be drawn on the following Monday.
Winners will be picked at random, if your first choice of prize has already gone, you will get one of the other two. 

A huge thank you to Mari, Jessica, Sophie and Lis for their donations.

And as an extra special thank you to all you Wallpaper Rose fans, you can get 15% off all Wallpaper Rose orders placed this week while the giveaway is active. Just use 'PearCrumble' at the checkout.

Good luck!

PS Crown and Glory are also celebrating their birthday with a rather wonderful giveaway too, check it out here.


  1. Well isn't this a lovely one?! Happy Birthday lovely, thanks to treating us to a giveaway :)
    I'd love the green prize if I'm lucky!
    I've commented on Maxc's fb and I'm following everyone on GF :)

  2. Have followed all the blogs and written on the wall. My choice would be green please. Thanks.

  3. I don't have facebook, can I still enter? :[

  4. great giveaway! I've followed all the steps, my choice would be coral! Thanks xx

  5. Hi Gemma, normally it wouldn't be a problem, but with Max C's involvement, you need to have facebook to like their page I'm afraid!

  6. ohhhh I love them all!!! I think maybe coral is my preferred though, just because I really love little fille! and coral come to that! green would be my next choice,they are just all fab! great giveaway! keeping my fingers crossed :) x

  7. It's so hard to pick a favourite prize! I think I love green the best because the bag is beautiful!

    My email address is

    keeping everything crossed for this. xx

  8. Hi Im following all the blogs and through GFC aswell and the FBs and have commented on Max C's page - tagged your page in it :)

    I would love the Coral Prize (its the headband! :P)

    Its a great giveaway :) Katie x

  9. What a great giveaway! I have commented on the facebook page and I am following all of the blogs.

    I would the love the green prize and my second choice would be coral.

    my email is

    Lisa xx

  10. Fab giveaway!

    I would choose the Green Prize, because those colours suit me best and will work well for my A/W wardrobe.

    Happy Birthday Wallpaper Rose!


    rosaliliumblog at gmail dot com

  11. Happy 2nd Birthday :D. Oh I love this giveaway! So so difficult to choose a colour but I'll go with white because that mug in the brown is just perfect!

    Lots of love Kate

  12. This is a brilliant giveaway! Happy Birthday Wallpaper Rose!
    I'm following all the blogs and wrote on the MaxC facebook page (Hayley Warren)
    I would choose White :)

  13. Happy Birthday and thankyou for the fab giveaway. I would love the White prize if i win please.

  14. Oh no, my comment yesterday didn't post! :( Let's try again!

    Happy birthday! Congratulations on your toddler, she's very beautiful. I'm happily following all the blogs and wrote on the max c facebook page (Tilda Graham). All of the prizes are completely charming but I'd have to choose Green - perfect for Autumnal Adventures :)

    Hello, Sweetie

  15. Thanks for such a great giveaway! I have commented on the facebook page and I am following all of the blogs... they look fab.

    I would the love the green prize - my second choice would be coral.

    @relisys222( twitter )

  16. Happy Birthday. Fabulous giveaway!
    Think I am following some already but will follow the rest and have posted on max c's FB
    -Jemma Louise Lamble
    - @jemlouisex

  17. Lovely giveaway - and Happy Birthday!

    It was a close call between them all, beautiful items, but Green pips the post!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday!! Rawr!! ;)

    I've commented on Max C's FB wall & I'm following all the blogs. It's so hard to pick a colour! Errrrrr.....I'll go with Green!!

    I'm going travelling soon so I'm a bit like an explorer & the Turban would definitely come in handy to avoid dodgy backpacker hair. The Max C would be perfect go give me that glampacker look! ;)



  19. What a totally gorgeous giveaway- glad I didn't miss this! I have done all the things needed- hopefully :)

    I;d love the green prize- i think, lol!


    Thanks lovely x

  20. Floral Clip Bag is my favourite - simple and a Summer must Happy Belated Birthday!! I done all @emmajane2000 Tony Anthony micheal


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