Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Tatty Devine

Last Tuesday marked the last day of my Internship with Tatty Devine. I've been there part time for the last six week and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. A big part of me wanted to stay longer, however I'm in the process of moving and I'm also covering for my Manager while she's on holiday (which resulted in 10 days straight last week!) so to be honest it was getting a bit stressful and impractical. 

If I'm honest, I didn't really learn a lot as such, it really is just basic construction (which doing all day, non stop, is pretty tiring) but it was really exciting to work on the new Autumn/ Winter collection and to put together samples for the coming Spring/Summer collection. The Tatty Devine team are lovely, they always provided a pretty stella Vegetarian lunch (I've not heard of an internship providing lunch, let alone one I could eat) and there was some incredible cakes to be had.

I baked some peanut butter and chocolate cookies to take in. I had rather grander plans for an epic carrot cake, but was informed rather late in the day that it was my boyfriend's Mum's birthday.... So we were going for dinner which resulted in all thoughts of a carrot cake being lost. However dinner was really good, and we had the loveliest news of an engagement in the family!

As a thank you they make all interns their own name necklace. I'm not massively taken by my own name, so true to crazy cat lady form, I opted for my two favourite people cats, Rufus and Indie. Rufus and Indie are undoubtedly tortoise shell, anchor kind of cats and I can't wait to show them. True to cat form, they will probably try to maul it.
 (Said little people in question. I haven't taken any new photos of Rufus and Indie in such a long time - I need to rectify this soon.)

And as an extra gift, I was given the rather wonderful wooden moustache necklace which I like to wear with pride and a peter pan collar.
As I'm still unable to share with you the pieces I actually worked on, I thought I would show you a few of my favourites from current and past collections:
The dinosaur skeleton necklace is without doubt, my ultimate in Tatty Devine and if they ever decided to produce it in wood, I would probably have to sell all my possessions to own it.

In other news, I've had the worst customer service know to man from a small online shop. It's really upset me on many levels, a month after ordering I still haven't received the item, a refund, or a single word from the shop. I'm chasing it up via paypal, but it's just so disappointing, I've always had amazing service from small online shops and owning one myself, I just can't quite believe the service, or lack there of. I won't bore you with the details like poor Sophie but I can't but help feel it makes us all look bad when a small shop behaves like that. Maybe I've just been really unfortunate.

As I mentioned earlier I'm also in the process of moving, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen the absurd photos of the chaos in our flat. The removals men came this morning (at 8am) so the great clean will commence this evening.

Also if you hadn't seen, I'm running a giveaway with three different prizes to celebrate Wallpaper Rose's second Birthday! (Including Max C London, Little Fille, Crown and Glory and Night Owl, as well as Wallpaper Rose.) You can enter here.



  1. love your blog
    follow you now maybe you could follow me back :)
    xx N

  2. wow I can't believe you interned there! I looked into it a while ago, but I have been so far from London. I LOVE that dinosaur necklace too. We went in one of the London stores last week and I told my boyfriend I would rather have that than an expensive engagement ring (if and when that time ever comes!!) xx

  3. Not gonna lie, I used to be a bit of a Tatty Devine junky.
    I have like..6 necklaces (including a name necklace in BIG red glitter) and two pairs of earrings.
    I have the moustache necklace in black but the wooden one looks sooo much nicer!

    Also your name necklace in tortoise shell is seriously beautiful, you lucky lady xx


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