Monday, 25 June 2012


(Collar Brooches - coming soon!)

Well, it's been a rather large hiatus hasn't it? I really didn't mean for it to seem like I've been hiding under a rock, but looking at my somewhat pitiful blog, it would definitely appear so!

To give you a quick synopsis of the last few months, back in January (the day after I returned from Paris in fact) I started a second part time job, which resulted in me working 21 days straight, my boyfriend went to South Africa for a family wedding, while I baby sat a cat who hates humans, the cat broke our full length mirror at stupid o'clock in the morning and I had my laptop stolen from work. I then worked 6 -7 day weeks until the beginning of May, my phone broke after a nasty 'phone-meets-toilet incident', I hit the job hunt hard, had a series of interviews, three job offers, I handed in my notice and now I'm flat hunting! During which time I managed to sneak in a quick jaunt to Plymouth, saw Emma Watson at work, practically had a heart attack from all the stress and ate an awful lot of chocolate. 

Someone take me on holiday??

However as of the 2nd July, I will have gained my weekends back! I don't think I've really had real, unadulterated weekends for the last two years, so it's all very exciting.

I know it's been all quiet on the western front for some time, but I really appreciate that you've stuck around.


  1. oh gosh! what a stressful time you've had! hope you get some time to relax soon ... also, love the collar brooches xx

  2. Oh my goodness! That is one busy, stressful first half of the year. Glad it's calming down a bit now. It's so good to have weekends to yourself. xx

  3. Oh god that sounds awful! Glad that you're back now, congratulations on the new job and enjoy your weekends!

  4. What a time youve been having. You saw Emma Watson?? I've been crazy busy too so I feel your pain. Hope to visit soon xxx

  5. Wow, that sounds tough and a novel in itself. Liked the awful lot of chocolate part and Emma Watson seems like a sweetheart. Fingers crossed your life stays on the right side of positive from henceforth. xx

  6. Woah sounds like you've had a crazy tough time of it lately. I hope that everything is back on track now xx


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