Saturday, 30 June 2012


I can't quite believe it, but tomorrow is my last day at SMUG. I've worked in the independent shop in Angel for the last year and a half and I'm so very sad to be leaving. It's been wonderful working with such a lovely, small team of people and I'm going to miss them greatly. I've had the great pleasure of being involved with the development and launch of the new website, the Pop Up Print Shop, going to trade fairs, birthday arrangements and more. 

As an small ode to Smug, to mark my impending departure, I felt it was time I shared some of my favourite products with you - my ultimate wish list, if you will.
1. Bora Da Willow Cushions

The square Bora Da Willow cushion is without a doubt my most coveted Smug product. The cushions are designed by Donna Wilson and produced by SCP. They always make me think of old train seat patterns, but in attractive colour combinations.

2. Crochet Animals

They're wonderful, need I say more? They're all made by hand and not only make me want to give them all new homes, but to learn how to crochet. I think I missed my calling as a toy maker. (Look at the fox's tail!!) After studying all the toys in great detail (I spent a lot of time with them...we had so many varieties, but they sold so quickly we now only have one lone bear), I concluded that the above two are my favourite. And I will be straight back to Smug as soon as more are available!

3. Made by Me Me Me - Little Birdie Necklace

Beautiful small porcelain bird on a gold filled chain. Perfect.

4. Alex Monroe - Juicy Pear Necklace

Swooon. Though my favourite Alex Monroe piece has to this foxy number, which I'm sure will soon be available at Smug. I'm going to have to save up!

5. Is That Plastic Butter Dish - Mint

Such a lovely colour - it would look so pretty in my kitchen. Though surely you would need both the mint and yellow dish... for salted and unsalted butter - no?

6. Thornback and Peel Guinea Pig Tea Towel - EXCLUSIVE

The infamous Smug Guinea Pig - this tea towel was designed for us by Thornback & Peel for Smug's second birthday - it was an adapted version of a drawing by Smug's own Danny. It has since had a navy partner in crime created and also adorns an apron and our exclusive hankie's for Smug's third birthday.

7. Alas - Mint Tee

Beautiful sleep/ lounge wear by Australian ALAS. I would wear this just as a top - no sleeping required.

8. Donna Wilson Log Cabin Cushion

Super soft lambswool cushion.

9. Wooden Desk

Vintage dark wooden desk with green metal frame and ink well. I'd love this as a sewing desk.

10. James Brown Viking Print

King of the screen print. Sits perfectly next to Beaufort.

11. Vintage Jumper Polar Bears

When asked at my interview which one item I would most like to own, a vintage jumper polar bear was my answer! They're just wonderful. I own one of the large rabbits (Dylan), but I still very much yearn for a polar bear.

And that's my Smug round up! We also have some beautiful vintage Eiderdowns and blankets, but you'll need to come in store to see them!

If you do happen to be near Angel tomorrow, you should definitely pop in, say hi and celebrate my last day with me! And as if you need any more encouragement, there's a little vintage market opposite Smug that runs all the way along Camden Passage - so you can make an afternoon of it. (Not to mention a whole host of amazing places for breakfast!)

And finally? A massive thank you to Lizzie, who makes Smug everything it is. It's been a blast working for you. x


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  2. Gorgeous things! I LOVE that mint tee! Just everything! xx

  3. looks of dress is gorgeous and teddy bear also look inspirations for room style

  4. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  5. Beautiful!!!


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