Sunday, 19 December 2010

But everything looks perfect from far away

The loveliest of packages arrived through my door earlier this week. I don't know about anyone else, but for the last couple of months I've only received presents I've ordered for Christmas and jewellery supplies - so this gold encased parcel was more than a sight for sore eyes! It was from Little Fille.

Mari and I had decided upon swapping some of our wares a little while ago, but I had to wait for supplies to arrive before I could make her pieces. However her parcel was so much more than generous, I had asked for the Betty head piece, but she sent me Marilyn as well! It puts my parcel to shame - a situation I intend to rectify!

Little Fille - Betty 

The Betty piece is a two way bow head band, the rope knot, perfectly sophisticated and the bow side creates a "doll-like daintiness". The bow is removable, so when you want to reveal the knot side you don't have to have the bulky bow below your hair. I adore the colour, navy blue is certainly a favourite of mine, I simply love it. My only issue - and this is by no means a reflection on Little Fille, is that I'm having to try and stretch it a little. The head band is not small (so please don't read that as a criticism) I just suffer from 'TheMostHumungousHeadInTheWorld' syndrome. It really is a sad state of affairs, I have a big head and big hair, so it's rare hats, head bands or hoods fit me. But hopefully it will loosen a little as I have every intention of wearing this on Christmas day... Actually I have every intention of wearing this when I go to London on tuesday after work. (weather permitting!)

Little Fille - Marilyn
Marilyn is a slightly daintier piece, the cream cord and gold chain is such a luxurious combination. It also ties on (which is just perfect for people with fat heads) with a lovely velvet bow, which can be worn for a simpler, chic look. I love this piece on as it really reminds me of a more elaborate version of the turban head bands that are around at the moment. I tried to wear one, but it was so small, I could barely get it on my head, it showed no interest in being stretched either, so sadly I had to part with it.

I'm blown away by the quality of the pieces and their simple beauty, so if you haven't already do take a look at Little Fille's website. I also got to pay a little visit to their stand in the Oxford Street Topshop - which looks brilliant! Unfortunately I didn't stay long, I was in a foul mood. Fighting streams of people that close to Christmas, whilst carry a huge weekend bag is not fun. I had mentally prepared an angry blog post while I was out, but felt it was better not to share!

I know I seem to do this on a regular basis, but I want to apologise profusely for the images. I didn't get home from work in time to capture natural light- my images always seem to be a bit bollocks when taken in artificial lighting (sadly I've never been good with flash) but the situation will be rectified, perhaps tomorrow, time permitting.

I had also intended to include some head shots, however I've had the most disasterous hair massacre known to man kind this week. (Perhaps a slight exaggeration.) I truly haven't had a hair cut this awful in some time. It was tear inducing. (Actually probably about an hour of tear streaming when I got home, having tried my hardest not to burst into tears and run out of place.)

I'm not really sure if I've shown posts of my hair before - probably not, as that does seem a little weird. I've have asymmetric hair for years - talk about being behind the times. I've had many variations on a theme, but most recently I've had a heavy fringe, the left side of my hair has been long (about boob length!) the right side has been a couple of inches shorter and it was shorter than that at the back. So I suppose like a longer, more extreme version of a graduated bob. I'm not really sure why, I guess i liked having slightly different hair and it was only really obvious when I straightened it.

Anyway, it's been looking a bit of a nothingness as of late, so I thought I would shell out for a hair cut. (Something I can rarely afford.) I had been torn for a while as I really want and have been trying to grown my hair long, but I get so bored I did consider cutting it all off into a short bob. I came across this photo of Zooey Deschanel which I simply adore. (A slight aside, but I love Zooey. I'm not big on being influenced by stars, or caring how they look or what they wear, but Zooey's different. I love her and want to be her. And own her wardrobe. Sad? Yes. True also.) Now I full appreciated that my hair was no way as long as this and that my hair was of many lengths, but I quite wanted to achieve this shape, if possible.

The second image was just an example of her fringe, as I wanted mine to start a little further back then it did, to maximise thickness. I'd decide that despite the picture, I still wanted to keep my long section of hair, it was after all what made my hair look long.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I felt bullied/ tricked into having the long part of my hair cut off. I only wanted the ends cut to retain length, but she cut off over an inch on the short side. She's basically cut me a short triangle and my fringe is above my eyebrows.

It looks so so dreadful. I know there are bigger things in the world to worry about and it probably sounds horribly vain to go into such detail about my hair. But I really am devastated. I can't do anything with it. It looks awful tided up too because there isn't much length to play with and the fringe is so damn ridiculous. Zooey Deschanel it is not.

Hopefully I will be able to take some head shots of my Little Fille pieces, but I might have to wait six months or six years until my hair looks less retarded. My boyfriend really sweetly suggested maybe we found somewhere else for me to go, to get a better cut, but I really just don't want anything further cut off. I don't know - any hair saving suggestions? 

As sad as it is, I felt so distressed by the whole thing and somewhat sorry for myself that I nearly bought a cardigan out of sympathy. I still might. Though I'm still not sure I can justify it's hefty price tag. 

(Urban Outfitters - In Green and Wine)

But my hair does look fucking awful. So maybe I can.

I had no idea this was going to be such a long post when I started typing! 

However, in jewellery related new.... These are a couple of new pieces soon to be on the website.

I've also been a little over whelmed by the popularity of the Golden Snitch necklace, quite a few people seem a little sad that it's out of stock! I am, however ordering more wings as I type, they do take a little while to arrive (it can be up to a month) but the Golden Snitch will be back in stock in the new year - so never fear!

If you haven't entered already, I'm running a little Christmas Giveaway here. There's a Lorna locket and Esme earrings up for grabs, the competition closes on Monday at 6pm so do take a look.

And to conclude, a few to follow:

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  1. I love Little Fille headbands, I'm definitely going to have to get my paws on one! I think I might have to get my grubby mits on that glasses necklace of yours as well!
    Sorry to hear about your hair disaster :( I rarely go to the hairdressers because I don't trust them to do what I want!! There's no point in paying extortionate amounts for something you don't want!
    I hope you can find a way to save it.. maybe plait your fringe back while it's a ridiculous length?

  2. oh and ps, thanks for suggesting me in your few to follow! xxx

  3. Ahhh, i'm only reading this now Lou. What a beautiful post. They do stretch, don't worry! Actually, you know that round thing at Topshop where some of the headbands are displayed? Haha, I'm speaking as though you're expected to remember! Anyway, there's sort of this round cylinder type stand where I stretch all the headbands over, and after a while of being on there, the headbands definitely get looser, so if you can manage to get your hands on one those...but I imagine just continually tugging should do the trick to loosen out the elastic.

    Urgh, how horrible about your hair. I hate when hairdressers do that, especially to fringes. NIGHTMARE. But don't worry, it'll grow out and then it'll be even lovelier than Zooey D's.


    PS Treat yourself to the cardigan!

    PPS I'm making turbans now, I'll be sure to send you a 'bigger sized' one when things get less mental (they are still flight home to canada is on friday, hope heathrow gets it all sorted, but don't know how i'll manage to finish everything i need to do by then!)

    this is an essay!

  4. I bought the gold version of the bow Little Fille headband this week and I love it so much! So pretty and definitely worth the heftier price tag <3

    R x


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