Thursday, 9 December 2010

Come on skinny love just last the year

The lovely Mari of Little Fille is running yet another wonderful blog competition! This friday Little Fille will be giving away your choice of either an Audrey or Marilyn headpiece. (See below) All you have to do is follow the blog, comment which piece you would like to win and what you would wear it with. I was feeling particularly cold when I entered, so put together a casual, snug outfit. (I'm a little in love with the Topshop blouse!) 

.... Also you don't have to produce a visual, I've only just discovered Polyvore and got a little obsessed...

Creating this suddenly reminded me that I hadn't reviewed my Eyeko products!

I tried to photograph my nails to show you the polish in action, but my hand looked creepy as hell! (It really did nothing for the product.) The Posh Polish is a lovely nude shade, perfect for Autumn/Winter trends and goes on really well with two coats. I felt it looked a little thin with just one, but that's fairly standard and for only £3.50 it's become a firm favourite of mine - I may even wear it this weekend! 

The second product is Eyeko's Toffee Fatbalm. I was particularly intrigued by it's multi functional purpose, as both lip balm and blush. As drawn as I was to this idea, I was somewhat dubious of putting something designed for your lips on your cheeks - I couldn't help but feel something of that consistency would just lead my face into having some kind of huge break out. (It doesn't take much to convince it.) But for years I've wanted to try the Ruby and Millie Face Gloss but have never been able to justify the price tag, so felt this was a cheaper alternative to explore. And MY am I happy with the results! I wore the Fatbalm on my cheeks constantly while in Paris and have done since I've returned and my cheeks have stayed blemish free - with a lovely dewy glow. The Toffee shade is perfect for me as I'm somewhat of a 'Pale Janet' (as Sue White would say) but I would love to try some of the other shades. 

If you haven't tried Eyeko before, or are already a fan use the code E12372 at the checkout to receive a free gift on any purchases over £10/$15/€10. Eyeko are also currently offering half price Surprise Party Sets, perfect for Christmas.

While I was on the subject of giveaways, I thought I would quickly suggest you take a look at Stolen Thunder's Facebook page. They're simultaneously running two, one to win a Personalised piece of your choice and the second to win £75 of Stolen Thunder Jewellery. I've been meaning to blog about their personalised pieces for some time as I'm really drawn to the idea, however I wasn't entirely sure what I would choose to have inscribed.

Immediately I thought 'I love Marty McFly' would be a good start as it is factually accurate. However, I started to fear it may be construed as I love McFly, which could not be more untrue.

I've since decided I would much rather emblazon some of my favourite lyrics and wear them around my neck. As Bon Iver and Johnny Flynn still capture my heart lyrically, it would either be 'Snow started falling' or 'Marbles on the floor'.

And yet I'm still torn. I'm still not sure I would choose a custom piece over their already existing pieces. I'm still captivated by the kite necklace - the proportions are just wonderful.

I just don't know.

Given three rows of text, each up to nine characters long, what would you choose to inscribe?



  1. Let love live, Part time raver, pass the kettle :)But most probably Fancy a Brew haha. Lovely outfit!! xx

  2. Ahh I love Pass the Kettle - brilliant! xx

  3. I've just Purchased a Cardigan quite like that. I love the nude blouse :) x

  4. love that blouse in the collage x


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