Monday, 6 December 2010

Where do you go to my lovely

I apologise I've been a little AWOL since I returned from Paris - so much has happened, I don't even know where to beginning! I already have about three other half written posts.  And even now, I have to love you and leave you as I need to go and sew some tees. However I thought it was about time I shared with you a few photos from Paris. I've still got a few films to get developed (it's a pain no longer have access to facilities!) however these are a few digital images. 

Paris was beautiful, Paris Photo was immense, the whole weekend was just lovely. When I eventually get the time, I'll try to tell you more. In the mean time, enjoy my boy's moustache - I'm sure he'd like me to clarify it was grown for Movember...

I hope everyone is well xx


  1. wow i love your photographs, especially the second one of the arches!
    please follow me


  2. Gorgeous photos! Especially the ones with the car with the tree. Lovely!

  3. Thank you, that's really lovely of you both :) x

  4. these photographs are ever so beautiful, louise! the arches in the second photograph are amazing, the reflection shot underneath that is magical... i really could compliment each individual photograph, i really do adore all of them! xxx

  5. Aww you're just lovely Jazmine! Though truthfully, Paris is just so beautiful, you really can't go wrong with a camera! The Louvre is such an amazing building xxx


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