Wednesday, 11 August 2010

To live will be a great adventure - Outfit Wednesday

Pins + Needles Gathered Panel Frock - Urban Outfitters (£58)
Pins & Needles Lace Insert PE Cardigan - Urban Outitters (£9.99)
Audrey Sewing Necklace - Wallpaper Rose Jewellery (£15)
Tooled Frame Bag - Urban Outfitters (£48)
Tan Floral Brogues - Miss Selfridge (£35)
Moody Grey Nail Varnish - Models Own (£5)
Jade Stone Nail Varnish - Models Own (£5)


I'm simply in love with Peter Pan Collars at the moment, so I thought I would share this Urban Outfitters dress with you. This simple a-line dress is just a perfect compliment to the peter pan collar, I've pictured both the grey and cream versions because I couldn't decide which I preferred! (I think they had a green version which would have been my automatic first choice, but sadly it appears to be out of stock.) The dress is a little on the pricey side, especially for something that would probably just be a day dress, but if I had the money, it would be mine! Consequently if anyone knows of anywhere to get a slightly more reasonable priced peter pan collar dress or shirt, please let me know - I might have to go on a Primark/ H&M search soon in hope that they might.

While I was on the Urban Outfitters site I thought I might as well continue adding to the outfit there.

Seeing as Summer seems to be well and truly over I've teamed the dress with this lovely light cardigan with lacy detail. What makes it even more appealing is that in this colour way, it's reduced to £9.99! I've continued with a tooled frame bag with floral detail, it's PVC and not leather but the size is great and I really like its sculpted shape. To compliment the brown bag I've matched it with the Miss Selfridge brown floral brogues I pined for in an earlier post.

With this pretty girly look I've used WRJ's Audrey necklace - as I feel the vintage sewing tones really compliment that feel. I've picked out colours from the necklace and cardigan to choose nail colours, again by Models Own.

The additional picture is because I love her hair and hell, I think that should be thrown into the outfit too! I hope you like it.

I'm absolutely shattered this evening and very much missing the boy. Sadly Mr Wallpaper Rose is pretty much running away to Cyprus as soon as he's back from the Edinburgh Festival.
I have tried to make him remember all the good comedy so that he can re-tell it to me when I next see him!

This morning I received the loveliest gift in the post from the lovely Miss Sophie at Crown and Glory! It was entirely unexpected and my gosh so pretty, I need to take some photos but expect an entire entry dedicated to it soon! I've got a few new pieces on the back burners at the moment, but I'll let you know when they're done. Oh and I had a sale from Denmark last night. I was so stupidly happy, I think that's the furthest any of my jewellery has travelled - I hope they like it.

Night Night - I need a cup of tea x

PS I've realised how desperately I need to read Peter Pan - I never have! It's going on the books I need to purchase list, along with Gulliver's Travels.

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